Lavalier VIAS Desktop Microphone An Amazing Microphone

Lavalier/ VIAS Desktop Microphone: An Amazing Microphone

Microphones are important equipment for a number of professionals. Professional singers  podcasters, musicians  and Youtube personalities  need a good quality desktop microphone for their output. The Lavalier/ VIAS Desktop microphone is one of the better ones in the market. It is to offer space-saving and audio quality benefits.

It is available with one tie-clip folding base and base foam windscreen. making it equally good whether using it for karaoke , YouTube recording, or podcasting.

You can directly connect this microphone to your device and it will deliver amazing sound for various applications, such as Karaoke, Skype, presentation, recording, and dictation. You can use it as your desktop microphone with white round stand and capture good quality audio for your computer.

The sensitivity of Lavalier/ VIAS Desktop microphone is -30dB with omnidirectional function. This device features 50Hz to 16kHz frequency response, and the length of the chord is 2 meters.

This microphone can also help keep your desktop tidy and clean without extra wires. With its round stand, this microphone is easy to keep on your desk. It also has a lapel clip that can be used as one lavaliere microphone and double its application. You can easily fit it in your pocket or bag and move with this microphone for talking or recording making it ideal for podcasters or those doing online voice jobs.

Highlighted Features

Highlighted features of Lavalier/ VIAS Desktop microphone are as under:

  • With its 3.5mm plug, you can connect it directly into the microphone input of your computer and enjoy high-quality audio. This microphone is ideal for online communication, Skype, and online dictations.
  • It has a stylish and compact design to keep on your table and connect it to your desktop computer. This microphone has a special folding base and a lavalier microphone with encompassed tie-clip. It can reduce clutter on your table and increase the grace of your workplace.
  • The unique round base has to store compartment to secure your extra cable. The SF-911 requires little space and reduces clutter on the desktop. It ensures to deliver clear voice to your listener without any problem.
  • The special foam windscreen is great to avoid plosives from the misrepresentation of the audio signal and efficiently filters out any wind-related noises while using outside.
  • The lavalier microphone is easy to use, and you can carry it anywhere with you with the help of its soft pouch.

Pros and Cons

For better understanding of Lavalier/ VIAS Desktop microphone, there are some advantages and disadvantages of this device:


  • Crystal clear and loud sound is its essential feature
  • Easy setup with a traditional plug and no issue in the setup.
  • Sturdy mic to cancel any noise caused by the wind
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry from one place to another
  • Windscreen foam will reduce pops from wind and voice of a person


  • Standard microphone plug is not suitable for modern computers because traditional jacks are missing from various laptops and chrome books
  • Cable freely slides inside and outside of the receiver housing. It should be properly glued


The compact design of Lavalier/ VIAS Desktop microphone makes it ideal for your desktop computer. You can use its 3.5mm plug to connect it to your computer and record your voice or make online calls. The windscreen foam avoids plosives of audio signals and efficiently filters out the wind-related noise. You can purchase it for your desktop computer.

Final Verdict

Lavalier/ VIAS Desktop microphone is a good choice to connect with your desktop computers. If you have a modern laptop or notebook, you should check if it has traditional jack to connect this microphone. This amplifier is designed to deliver clear sounds during your video and audio calls and recordings.

You can carry it with you during a journey with the help of its integrated pouch. It can be a great companion for you because it has the ability to cancel the noise caused by air and deliver high-quality sound.

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