Best Gaming USB Headphones

Best Gaming USB Headphones

Passionate gamers understand the importance of audio in the gaming experience. The sound is an essential part of the game as it adds to the emotions of the actions on the screen. If the audio quality is poor, you can’t fully enjoy the game. Selecting the best gaming headphone can be a daunting task because of numerous options available in the market.

If you want something special, you can purchase SADES A60/OMG. Aside from providing amazing audio quality, these headphones truly feel premium as they are made with special PU leather that reduce heat and sweat making these usable for extended periods.

You can increase the pleasure of game by using these particular headphones. These are different from others for their construction and comfortable design. With amazing quality of sound, you can enhance your gaming experience.

A60/OMG USB Gaming Headphones are also extremely comfortable with extra cushions for ear and head making these wearable for longer periods. It also features  plastic head stripes that are flexible  and lined  internally with blue leather. The comfortable design allows you to fully feel the reverberation of sound and strong effects of music to enhance your experience of the game.

The headset has hard-edge, 360 sources for admission and concealed microphone design. A mic-bow in the left earcup will connect your personal computer with one braided cable. These versatile headphones have noise cancellation feature, with its closed earcup design cutting off any external sound.

The gaming microphone is highly durable and sensitive. It is well-grounded and crystal clear to adjust as per your needs. All contact points are finished in the durable and soft material.

You can also directly use it without installing any driver, making it quite convenient. Just plug it into the USB port of your computer, and it starts working. It is good for Windows and iSO systems.

Pros and Cons


There are some excellent points of A60/OMG USB Gaming Headphones, such as:

  • Good bass that allows you to feel the full audio effects of the gamesVibration feature makes you feel the each and every part of music. You can control the sound and vibration of this headphone.
  • Exquisite vocals sounds.
  • Amazing LED features
  • Outstanding design and greater headphone cup to cover your ears.
  • Cancels any noise around you for better enjoyment of the game
  • Comfortable leather will provide a cushion to your ears.
  • You can enjoy your favorite music and sounds without installing additional software.
  • Extremely comfortable even with industrial piercing.
  • Offer you good value for your price.


Some negative aspects of A60/OMG USB headphones are:

  • You can’t control the LED feature.
  • Omnidirectional microphone is not good for group gaming


It is a good headset for gamers who want to enjoy crystal clear sound without any disturbance. The special leather it is made of is  keeps you fresh and comfortable for a longer period. However, if you are not used to wearing headphones with large cups, it can be an uncomfortable headphone for you. Avid gamers will surely like them and find it comfortable to wear for a longer period.

Final Verdict

If you want to buy a gaming headphone, A60/OMG will be the right choice for you. This headphone is designed with the high-quality material to provide maximum comfort. The delicate microphone is camouflaged under the foam. It is one of the best brands of Sades with comfort and style. It also is designed to minimize external sounds to keep your focus on the game.

This microphone will be a valuable gift for any gamer to play the game in a fantastic environment. This lightweight microphone has a vibration setting button. If you want to use its microphone for recording, you have to work in a peaceful environment because the microphone can pick any sound from surroundings.

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