Computer Microphone for YouTube

Computer Microphone for YouTube: A Guide to Pick the Right Microphone for Vlogging

If you want to become a good vlogger, the most important thing you will need is a high-quality microphone. The camera is also important, but it is only secondary. Your vlogging is useless if people can’t hear you. Making professional YouTube videos is an important skill that anyone can easily learn.

If you are serious about vlogging, you should buy the best computer microphone for YouTube. Editing and production are two essential elements involved in making vlogs.

If you want to produce compelling videos, you should avoid a camera with built-in microphone. It is not good because cameras with microphones can be of low quality. It can’t record clear sounds and mostly captures noises, wind,   and other background sounds. These omnidirectional cameras are not good for vlogging because the background noises are louder than your actual sound.

Select Unidirectional Microphones

It will be good to buy a bidirectional or unidirectional microphone because it will not record everything. You can control this microphone to record only important sounds. The unidirectional microphone is cardioid, and these types of microphones are designed for speech. These microphones will record sounds coming from only one direction. It will be a good choice for vlogging. These are three basic kinds of microphones suitable for making vlogs:

The Condenser Microphones

These microphones can convert any acoustic sound into particular electrical signals. This type of microphone is used for speeches and recording music.

Lavalier Microphones

You can easily clip these microphones on your shirt. These microphones are useful in the absence of a static microphone while speaking. These omnidirectional microphones can easily suppress noise because you will attach them close to your mouth. It is easy to hide these microphones under your clothes, but you can’t move around after hiding it under your shirt because it can record the rubbing sound of your top. Clipping them to the outside of your neckline would be good.

Shotgun Microphones

These microphones are really common because you can connect it to your DSLR. You can put them in narrow areas to capture sounds. These microphones have the ability to cancel any sound waves coming from opposite directions. They will not amplify sounds and have sensitive areas to catch soundwaves from the front end of these microphones. You can use them to record sounds from a long distance.

Best USB Mics for YouTube

If you want the best computer microphone for YouTube, there are a few USB types that you can try. If you want to use a good microphone with a webcam, you can use USB microphones. These microphones can be useful for anyone who wants to record their voice while being in front of their personal computer:

Blue Snowball

If you want a microphone, the Blue Snowball can be the right choice for you. This microphone will help you  record the best sound in front of your personal computer. Keep it in mind that you can’t go wrong with this mic and it is really famous among vloggers and streamers. This microphone enables you to switch between two modes, such as cardioid and omnidirectional.

You can get this microphone in your favorite color because there are different colors are available. If you want an alternative of Blue Snowball, you can buy Samson Meteor Microphone. Their primary difference is the quality of sound. The Snowball offers the good sound quality, but in Samson Meteor, you will get volume controls and a mute switch. It is smaller in size and easy to handle. You can buy any one of them as per your budget to get a better quality of sound.

Blue Yeti

This microphone is quite common among YouTubers. You can get the advantage of its sound-capturing pattern and quality of sound. Its sound quality is exquisite. You can make a choice between stereo, omnidirectional, bidirectional, and cardioid.

The stereo mode is quite similar to omnidirectional, but it is selective. It enables the sound from left and right to give a unique surround effect. The vloggers frequently use cardioid mode. If you want to get something better than this microphone, you should have a bigger budget because microphones with extra features are quite expensive. The Blue Yeti has a volume control and mute button that are missing in Snowball.

Audio-Technica AT2020

This microphone has better sound quality, and the best thing about this is its value. The sound quality of this microphone is really great. It only offers cardioid mode, but you can get the advantage of sensibility pattern.

You will not need any bidirectional mic unless you want to record two persons at a time. For these kinds of videos, the omnidirectional is a bad idea. You will not get any mute switch, headphones output, or volume control with these microphones. If you are a beginner, the Audio-Technica AT2020 would be a good choice for you.

Final Verdict

If you want to record YouTube videos, you should buy a Computer Microphone for YouTube to record high-quality sound. You can connect your lavalier microphone with the microphone jack to record audio. A USB microphone is a good choice to record voices. You can get a shotgun or portable recorder to record excellent quality sound. The quality of voice is more important than the video quality. The sound should be clear so that everyone can hear you without any effort. Your YouTube videos should be free from any external sound.

Properly edit your videos after recording your voice, and for this purpose, you have to synchronize both video and audio correctly. A good microphone will help you record clearly. Here’s a tip if you want to sync the video and audio: clap loudly after initiating your recording. It will help you see the high peak of your audio during editing procedure. You should buy the best computer microphone for YouTube to record clear sounds. And don’t forget to check the quality of the sound before purchasing a receiver.

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