Best Gooseneck Microphone

The Best Gooseneck Microphone: Top Rated Microphones for Lectures

People have mixed perceptions about gooseneck microphones, and a majority of individuals think why they should use this delicate mic when they have SM58. Gooseneck microphones are ideal for lectures on desks and podiums. The best part of this receiver is its adjustable neck to angle it for the perfect sound.

The Best Gooseneck Microphone is utilized for recording and work in a better way with your computer. These are ideal to go with your laptop and desktop computers. As its name reflects, it has a long neck and overall shape is similar to a goose. It is easy to customize to any angle to record sound and deliver a lecture.

Gooseneck microphone is mainly designed to pick a clear sound and adjust it accordingly to meet your audio needs. If you want to buy the Best Gooseneck Microphone, make sure to check the flexibility of its neck. The microphone should give flexibility of movement to its users to adjust it to any angle. Various brands of gooseneck microphones are available.

You can evaluate them by audio quality and flexibility of movement. It is equally good to use on stage. It will be good to invest your money in buying a microphone that can pick up accurate words instead of noises.

Best Rated Gooseneck Mics

If you want to buy the best gooseneck microphone, here are a few options for you:

Shure MX418/C

This 18-inch condenser microphone has a cardioid polar design. This design is easy to replace with cartridges in other polar models such as omnidirectional and super cardioid. These are interchangeable by sound requirements for worship houses, conference centers, and courtrooms. These special cartridges offer dynamic and full frequency response and exactitude in the reproduction of sound. It provides a frequency response of 50 Hz and 17 kHz.

You can attach this gooseneck microphone to conference tables, pulpits, and lecterns with one locking projection mouth. The shock mouth and fit-foam widescreen will isolate 20db sound from the vibration noise of a surface. It has a transformerless and balanced output to increase the immunity from radio frequency and magnetic hum.

Specifications and Features

  • Cartridge to pick the sound in a particular cardioid polar design
  • Long Microflex 18-inch neck microphone
  • Windscreen with Snap-fit foam
  • Built-in XLR Preamp
  • LED indicator with switch to mute or silent

For your assistance, there are a few advantages and disadvantages of this product. These will help you find the best gooseneck microphone:


  • Omnidirectional or Supercardiod polar pattern–cartridges in the cardioid are interchangeable
  • Isolate noise of surface vibration more than 20 db with one shock mount
  • Durable
  • Transformerless and balanced to increase immunity to the noise
  • Easy to use without any assembly required


  • It can produce intermittent clicks while recording and may not work efficiently.

U859QL Audio Technica

This durable audio product is matchless for its performance and durability. With condenser microphone qualities and 18.9 inches length, it is in one capsule containing a cardioid polar structure. This microphone is small in diameter and has ultra-flexible features. You can replace or interchange the capsule with another one containing numerous patterns, such as omnidirectional, UniLine line polar, and hypercardioid patterns.

The frequency response of the U859QL Audio Technica microphone has 100 to 16,000 Hz, ghost-powered, and contains a UniSteep filter. These features play an important role in improving the sound pick-up while maintaining the quality of sound and reduce ambiance noise.

Specifications and Features

  • Overall length of this microphone is 18.9 inches
  • Dual-stage foam windscreen
  • Backplate with fixed-charge and permanently polarized condenser
  • The frequency response varies between 100 and 16,000 Hz
  • Roll-off and flat switch
  • XLRM-type built-in 3-pin output connector
  • Limited warranty for 2 years

Here are a few advantages and disadvantages of this particular gooseneck microphone which can help make your decision easier:


  • 9 inches longer gooseneck
  • Receiver is equipped with dual-stage AT8153 foam windscreen
  • With the help of UniGuard shielding, this microphone can reject the interference of radio frequency signals
  • The receiver is equipped with UniSteep filter to improve the sound and maintain voice quality
  • It is simple to install and adjust with its flexible neck and quick-mount position and design


  • It requires phantom power to work.

Final Verdict

The best gooseneck microphone is lightweight and flexible to use. It can be the best choice for seminars and lectures because you can adjust its angle depending on your needs. Gooseneck microphones contain one flexible shaft that is easy to change and enable you to set your microphone in the best position. You can increase the quality of sound by accommodating it as per your height.

Gooseneck microphones are quite similar to tabletop microphones with some minor differences. You have to secure a gooseneck microphone to its place, but the tabletop microphone is easy to carry from one location to another. The gooseneck microphones offer maximum flexibility and versatility to worship houses and conferences.

Before purchasing a microphone, you should test its sound quality and flexibility. The gooseneck microphone should provide maximum flexibility to adjust it as per your height. You can buy a good quality microphone from the market for solid value.

The best gooseneck microphone gives liberty to the speaker to pay attention to his/her presentation without worrying about the quality of the sound it produces. You can present with both hands free to show the relevant materials of your project. It is important to ask for the properties and qualities of your microphone to select a right one.

Keep in mind that all gooseneck microphones are created with different features. You can’t judge a microphone by evaluating the performance of a separate model. These hand-held designs are suitable for your professional conferences and meetings.

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