TONOR 3.5mm Professional Condenser Recording Podcast Microphone Review

TONOR 3.5mm Professional Condenser Recording Podcast Microphone Review

Having your own podcast is not easy. It’s not just about simply talking about random things, inviting random guests, and having a loyal audience to listen to your episodes. It’s not as easy as that because you need to consider a lot of things when running your own podcast.

One of the things that you should consider is the microphone that you are using. This is because the mic is a very essential tool to clearly convey what you are talking about. It is the key to acquiring more listeners.

If you want to have one of the best mics out there, you might want to try the TONOR 3.5mm podcast microphone.

Who is this product for?

The TONOR 3.5mm is a microphone that is specifically built to cater the needs of amateur or professional podcasters. It is the perfect microphone as it is specially designed to ensure that all the uttered words of the speakers in the podcast are audible.

Key features and benefits of the product

It is important for one to know if the TONOR 3.5mm is a trustworthy podcast microphone. By knowing its key features and the benefits that it provides, you can get to decide for yourself if you really want to have this product.

High Quality and Realistic Audio

The TONOR 3.5mm is one of the best microphones sold in the market because of the level of clarity of the speakers’ voice it records. What makes it really good is that it’s not only clear, but also it improves the voice of the speaker, providing it with depth and crispness.

People who have voices that aren’t very clear or audible can be heard in a clearer way, thanks to the TONOR 3.5mm.

Volume Control

The TONOR 3.5mm is also very easy to control, thanks to the physical built-in volume control that is located on the mic’s body. This allows users to easily adjust the volume of the sounds according to their liking. Its volume control is also very easy to tackle, thanks to its noticeable grooves.

It’s not that hard to find even if you aren’t directly looking at it.

Adjustable Tripod

Apart from the mic, the TONOR 3.5mm also comes with an adjustable tripod that features an anti-slip base. This makes it very stable and the tendency of slipping or moving unintentionally is reduced to a minimum.

Warranty Period

When you buy the TONOR 3.5mm, you will also be entitled to a 12-month warranty. You can also return it to the seller within 30 days if there are factory defects or damages.

Brief overview of the product

The TONOR 3.5mm is an all-around microphone. However, because of its very good audible depth, it is perfect for announcements or for use in communication and podcasting.

It is very effective in cancelling out background noises as well.

Tonor Microphones, the company behind TONOR 3.5mm, is also a reputable company that produces quality microphones. It is based in California and its products are made in Shenzhen, China.

Despite its products are made in China – often stereotyped as low quality products – Tonor sees to it that all of its products are quality controlled.  This means that the TONOR 3.5mm is likely to have undergone rigorous quality testing, making it one of the best podcast microphones in the market.


  • High quality mic that is priced affordably
  • Perfect for podcasting and stating clear announcements
  • Clear audio quality that perfectly matches the audible depth


  • Has a little background noise
  • Stand is not very stable when placed on a moving surface


If the TONOR 3.5mm does not impress you so much that you will consider buying it, you might want to check out Fifine Plug & Play USB Condenser Mic.

It also has same features as the TONOR 3.5mm and the two are in the same price bracket as well. This makes these two compete with each other in the microphone market.

However, the main feature that distinguishes Fifine Plug & Play mic from TONOR 3.5mm is the Cardioid Polar Pattern feature. This feature ensures the crispness and clarity of the voice, making it perfect for podcasting.

It also has an elegant design, thanks to its aluminum alloy metal structure.

Final Verdict

With that being said, the TONOR 3.5mm is undoubtedly a really good choice for a microphone if you are into podcasting. Not only does it ensure the clarity and crispness of the voice, but also it improves the voice of the speaker and it is affordably priced.

Even though it has some issues with managing the background noise, the number of advantages still outweighs the disadvantages. The TONOR 3.5mm is a highly recommended podcast microphone.

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