Wireless Microphone, Fifine USB Microphone

Wireless Microphone, Fifine® USB Microphone

Wireless Fifine USB microphone with the 926.5MHz sound card is a great choice for podcasting, Karaoke, conference, YouTube, family party, recording, and education. Anyone working on sound projects should try this microphone.

This microphone features a USB Wireless microphone/receiver along with built-in USB Stick and sound card, which are helpful features for voice recording. Wireless Fifine USB microphone also has an anti-wind foam cap that can cancel background noise It is also a powerful transmitter allowing you to make video calls without any disturbance. The best part of this microphone is its die-cast and robust construction which makes it a worthwhile investment

It is also very easy to use.

You can just plug-in this device and start using with your band application. You can put this microphone on a tripod and plug the USB cable in your device. You can adjust the echo/volume with the help of adjustment knobs. It is easy for you to use this microphone and set the echo low with the assistance of its adjustment knobs.

This microphone works well to adjust on your desk. It may work well with your height, but it doesn’t have adjustable features. It can sit in the clip, and you can adjust it to any angle. This device is excellent for podcasting, gaming and audio recording.

Key Features of Microphone

Wireless Microphone, Fifine® USB Microphone has some unique features. For your convenience, some features are given below:

  • With easy Plug-and-play, you can use this device without any motorists needed. It is simple and easy even for a newbie to use.
  • The users can get flat and smooth orderliness response of the UHF 500-980MHz wireless system available with the high band.
  • You will need two AA Batteries to operate this transmitter.
  • It features 60 feet running range that is dependent on your environment.
  • You can start recording to your DAW or to your Mac/PC because this device is compatible with your each operating system.

Three Different Modes to Choose

The Wireless Microphone, Fifine® USB Microphone enables you to get the advantage of three different methods, including:

Online Signing (Computer Karaoke)

You can plug your USB receiver in computer and connect outside speaker to your phone away from your USB receiver and turn on your wireless USB microphone to perform online.

Computer Recording

You can plug USB receiver in your computer and switch in wireless handheld microphone and use computer software for easy recording.

Work Like a Cordless Microphone System

You can use it as a cordless microphone and sign directly on speaker. You can plug your USB receiver in speaker system and use 3.5/3.5 audio cable to connect the USB receiver with your wireless microphone.

Pros and Cons

Along with numerous useful features, there are some cons, and you should consider them before purchasing Wireless Microphone, Fifine® USB Microphone.


  • It is wireless and easy for everyone to use from a particular distance
  • It has 360-degree omnidirectional audio capability
  • It can clearly record voice and other sound
  • Perfect to reproduce sound and stream music via USB microphone (cordless) from speaker
  • You can get the advantage of three natural modes, such as computer karaoke (computer signing), performance directly in speaker and recording chip in computer
  • With plug-and-play system, it is easy for everyone to use this microphone


  • It needs AA batteries to function, with low powered batteries affecting audio quality
  • You have to buy a separate tripod to adjust it to your height


Overall, the Wireless Microphone, Fifine® USB Microphone is a good choice for online signing, podcasting, and video creations. You can use an auxiliary-out cable to connect it to microphone jack. If you have no problem with the expense of AA batteries, this will be an excellent device for you.

Final Verdict

Wireless Microphone, Fifine® USB Microphone can be an ideal device for various podcasters. You can record voice and make online video calls. It is good for its sound quality and three different modes. This transmitter is handheld and easy for your recordings. It can cancel noise and record clear voice for professional recordings.

You have to purchase loads of batteries because without battery, this microphone will not work well. You can buy an individual tripod to adjust this microphone to your own height.

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